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We got a You Tube Review – and we love it!

video review of form a funnel

Thank you to CTSCAPER for his amazing review and “how to” video of our general purpose Form-A-Funnel®. He says “Simple tools like the Form-A-Funnel make your life a whole lot easier and a less messy when changing your oil. If you’re looking for a simpler way to change oil have a look at the Form […]


form a funnel how to shape demo

FORM-A-FUNNEL® is being used in the UK and we couldn’t be more pleased! See this great invention in action, so many uses, the clever design allows you to mold the funnel to shape to easily divert fluids around obstacles. Designed with the automotive industry in mind it is valuable in any industry where a traditional […]

Have you seen our Heavy Duty Form-A-Funnel® Draining Tool

form a funnel heavy duty funnel

Form-A-Funnel® has introduced the Heavy Duty Form-A-Funnel® Draining Tool — a flexible tool for guiding oil from large vehicles and heavy equipment into oil drains for easy, no-mess oil changes. The Form-a-Funnel bends easily to fit into tight spaces, holds any shape, and is wide enough to catch every drip. Edges can be molded around […]

Form-A-Funnel keeps old oil off your restoration

form a funnel oil change tool

“Changing the oil and filter on your collectible vehicle isn’t just another maintenance job – it gives the owner a chance to read the oil that’s removed, and check for tiny metal fragments on the plug. But there’s also that one little moment of tension while removing the filter, particularly when it’s mounted at an […]