Form-A-Funnel keeps old oil off your restoration

form a funnel oil change tool

“Changing the oil and filter on your collectible vehicle isn’t just another maintenance job – it gives the owner a chance to read the oil that’s removed, and check for tiny metal fragments on the plug. But there’s also that one little moment of tension while removing the filter, particularly when it’s mounted at an angle in relation to the engine block. The thought of old oil dripping all over a show-quality suspension has likely led more than one owner to cobble together a single-use anti-drip system. Pennsylvania-based New Pig Corporation now offers a permanent solution: Form-A-Funnel Draining Tool.

Made from a molded lead core encapsulated by a thick, pliable nitrile rubber, Form-A-Funnel is easily flexible, which allows car owners to divert potential drainage drips within tight areas or on chassis components. Cleanup is a snap – with any cleaning agent or degreaser – and the funnel, unlike others, is easy to store, flat or rolled up.”  Matt Litwin, Hemmings Daily (Follow his blog)

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