I have three german vehicles where the oil drain bolt is on the side of the oils pan – not on the bottom. So what happens? the oil shoots out side-ways instead of strait down. so i either hold this funnel shapped in 180-degrees – shapped as a deflector. I bend /wedge it up and back into the car and when i remove the drain bolt – the oil shoots out sideways into the funnel and straight down into my oil catch pan. anyone who wants to substitute this for a normal funnel should not be able to review products. This is a great funnel even if you want to funnel liquids, you just have to form it properly and remember that the funnel is not 100% closed and sealed … this is a forming funnel, i think some of the reviewers forgot this!!!

It works perfectly on my family volvo, benz, and audi. and these cars all hold 6-10 quarts of oil…. so its a great tool to form in the shape you want, wedge it or clamp it under the car, and let the oil drain to the form funnel and into the oil catch pan… while the oil is draining you can do something else like change your filters instead of having to sit under the car while quarts and quarts of oil drain!!

Ohhhh… clean up is a breeze.. a shot with some break cleaner, or purple degreaser and some soap and water, you would never know motor-oil was ever on this…. and the nitrile its made from… doesn’t even let oils really adhere to it.

Steve S | AMAZON

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How exactly does the FORM-A-FUNNEL® tool work? 
A: It bends, molds and holds any shape to create leakproof channels for draining oil. You can also form it into funnels, drip trays and other liquid-management tools. To learn all about it, watch this video.

Q: Why does the FORM-A-FUNNEL tool have a flap on it? 
A: The soft rubber flap on the end of the Form-A-Funnel creates a leakproof seal around filters or drains for truly no mess oil changes.

Q: How do you clean a FORM-A-FUNNEL? 
A: Thoroughly wipe it down with a wet rag. It’s also compatiable with dishwashers and degreasers.

Q: How should you store a FORM-A-FUNNEL? 
A: Store it flat or roll it up or tuck it in your toolbox or glove department. You can safely store a FORM-A-FUNNEL tool in temperature from freezing to 425 degrees.

Q: How tough is a FORM-A-FUNNEL tool really? 
A: The FORM-A-FUNNEL has gone through a battery of torture tests, like one that repeatedly bent it back and forth every 2 seconds, after a whopping 4000 bends the nitrate rubber coating looked good as new!

Q: What about “Extreme Conditions” 
A: The FORM-A-FUNNEL can be used in temperatures down as low as -30 with liquids as hot as 425 deg F. Its nitrile rubber coating stands up to most vehicle fluids and chemicals – even brake fluid, solvents and battery acid. There is no such thing as an “extreme condition” for a FORM-A-FUNNEL!

Q: What if I break my FORM-A-FUNNEL? 
A: We are so confident in the FORM-A-FUNNEL tool that each one is covered by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for one full year. 

Q: What’s the FORM-A-FUNNEL tool made of? 
A: The innovative FORM-A-FUNNEL tool is constructed of a thin bendable layer of aluminum alloy encased by a thick, pliable coating of nitrile rubber. Some previously-constructed versions have a lead core; this is indicated on the product. Because it’s completely encased in nitrile rubber, any FORM-A-FUNNEL is perfectly safe to use for years.

Q: How do I dispose of a FORM-A-FUNNEL tool? 
A: When “Contains Lead” appears on a FORM-A-FUNNEL tool, it must be disposed of by federal, local, and state regulations. Call your industrial waste hauler, local municipality or visit for recycling guidelines.

Q: Can I get a Material Safety Data Sheet? (MSDS) 
A: Of course! Click here!

Q: Where is FORM-A-FUNNEL manufactured? 
A: The FORM-A-FUNNEL is proudly manufactured right here in the USA near Rockford, IL.