Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How exactly does the FORM-A-FUNNELĀ® tool work?
A: It bends, molds and holds any shape to create leakproof channels for draining oil. You can also form it into funnels, drip trays and other liquid-management tools. To learn all about it, watch this video.

Q: Why does the FORM-A-FUNNEL tool have a flap on it?
A: The soft rubber flap on the end of the Form-A-Funnel creates a leakproof seal around filters or drains for truly no mess oil changes.

Q: How do you clean a FORM-A-FUNNEL?
A: Thoroughly wipe it down with a wet rag. It's also compatiable with dishwashers and degreasers.

Q: How should you store a FORM-A-FUNNEL?
A: Store it flat or roll it up or tuck it in your toolbox or glove department. You can safely store a FORM-A-FUNNEL tool in temperature from freezing to 425 degrees.

Q: How tough is a FORM-A-FUNNEL tool really?
A: The FORM-A-FUNNEL has gone through a battery of torture tests, like one that repeatedly bent it back and forth every 2 seconds, after a whopping 4000 bends the nitrate rubber coating looked good as new!

Q: What about "Extreme Conditions"
A: The FORM-A-FUNNEL can be used in temperatures down as low as -30 with liquids as hot as 425 deg F. Its nitrile rubber coating stands up to most vehicle fluids and chemicals - even brake fluid, solvents and battery acid. There is no such thing as an "extreme condition" for a FORM-A-FUNNEL!

Q: What if I break my FORM-A-FUNNEL?
A: We are so confident in the FORM-A-FUNNEL tool that each one is covered by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, for whatever reason, we will refund every penny you spent.

Q: What's the FORM-A-FUNNEL tool made of?
A: The innovative FORM-A-FUNNEL tool is constructed of a thin bendable layer of aluminum alloy encased by a thick, pliable coating of nitrile rubber. Some previously-constructed versions have a lead core; this is indicated on the product. Because it's completely encased in nitrile rubber, any FORM-A-FUNNEL is perfectly safe to use for years.

Q: How do I dispose of a FORM-A-FUNNEL tool?
A: When "Contains Lead" appears on a FORM-A-FUNNEL tool, it must be disposed of by federal, local, and state regulations. Call your industrial waste hauler, local municipality or visit for recycling guidelines.

Q: Can I get a Material Saftey Data Sheet? (MSDS)
A: Of course! Click here!

Q: Where is FORM-A-FUNNEL manufactured?
A: The FORM-A-FUNNEL is proudly manufactured right here in the USA near Rockford, IL.